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Linda Leadbetter
Linda Leadbetter – Occupational Therapy Assistant

Southpaw have recently had the pleasure of installing multiple rooms at Young Epilepsy, these rooms included a fantastic Sensory Integration space, a relaxing Multi-Sensory Environment and various matted safe spaces for the students to conduct a range of activities in. Southpaw have loved every minute of working with the charity and look forward to a continued relationship with the team. 

Young Epilepsy is the national charity working exclusively for children and young people aged 25 and under with epilepsy and associated conditions. They exist to improve the lives of those with the condition to enable them to fulfil their potential and ensure they have the best quality of life. Their unique blend of specialist services includes a school, providing education for those with epilepsy, autism and other neurological conditions.

We spoke with Linda Leadbetter, OT to get her thoughts on the project.

What challenge were Young Epilepsy looking to overcome by having this installation at the school?

“To have environments that were able to meet the wide range of sensory needs within the school and also enable access for less mobile students. Also to have a sensory room which offers a greater flexibility within a session and that meets the Ayres sensory integration fidelity measures.”

Who has benefited from the environments and how?

“All the students that have had access to the room. Along with Southpaw, the OT staff have equipped them to better meet the sensory needs of the students they work with. The school staff have been able to see the impact sensory input has had on the young people they work with.”

“Students have been able to carry out activities and address their sensory needs in an environment fit for purpose. They have enjoyed coming into the room and don’t want to leave! Being able to deliver the input needed has made a major impact on the student’s enjoyment and learning throughout their school day which gives the students the ability to learn and enjoy all aspects of school life.”


Are you happy with the products and overall environments?

“They have more than exceeded expectations.”

“The padding and mats that have been made are made to a very high standard, using products that will with stand a lot of impact from our students here.”

What aspect of the Sensory Integration Room has been popular? 


“The platform swing has been turned into a boat, a spaceship and a den. It has also been a target and a fishing platform, so I would say the platform swing has been very popular. Being able to have more than one piece of equipment up at a time has made the room very exciting and adventurous for our students.”

Did the service provided meet your expectations?

Southpaw were so knowledgeable and friendly about their area of expertise which has helped us here. Always happy to talk through issues and understand the needs of our students here very well.“

“When you are designing a facility like we have here in our Sensory integration room you need people who know what they are talking about and can deliver on design in a safe a practical way and professional in their manner. That’s what you get from Southpaw.“

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Young Epilepsy continue to fundraise, allowing them to continue to provide the best facilities and opportunities for their students. Visit their fundraising page for some insight to the many exciting events taking place this year.


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